A G Trees offer a brushwood chipping service to domestic and commercial clients in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. This service is ideal for keen gardeners with large amounts of woody vegetation to clear. I use the Jo Beau M500 mini chipper which can take branches up to 4 inches/10cm in diameter and can fit through a gap 73cm wide. Please visit Jo Beau to view full product specification.


A G Trees arrive with the M500 mini chipper on a trailer and can drive the machine onto your property and process the brushwood without having to drag it through passages or doorways. Please note that although the M500 mini chipper is self-propelled it does weigh over 300kg and will not climb Steps!

For this service A G Trees charge an hourly rate of £50.00 per hour, plus a 1hr call out fee for anywhere within 30 minutes’ drive from base . Wood chip can be left on site in a spot of your choosing or removed for disposal (subject to an extra charge). Larger branches that cannot be chipped can be sawn up into logs for firewood and removed or left on site. Alternatively, we can visit your property and provide a written quotation. Please contact A G Trees today.


Wood chip is a useful gardening material that can be used as mulch after a
 period of decomposition or simply spread ‘green’ over muddy paths for a surprisingly long-lasting walkway. Please be aware that thorny or poisonous plant species are not always suitable for this purpose. A G Trees can advise on specific cases.