Tree Work By The Hour


Rope work

Many home owners find the cost of tree work prohibitive. The cost of a team of 2 to 3 tree surgeons plus van and chipper, usually for at least half a day, can convince some homeowners to do it themselves when the task is beyond their limit. Often they only find this out when halfway through the job and this is how accidents happen.

A G Trees offer an hourly rate for both ‘climbing work’ (anything done from a rope and harness,
or more than 6ft off the ground on a ladder or other platform) and ‘ground work’. This is subject to availability and a minimum charge of 2.5 hours. Please note that safety is my primary concern at all times; if I feel that the works in question require a full team including a rescue climber then I will let you know before asking you to commit. Please note that in most cases you will be removed from the working area until I deem it safe for you to enter.


Without Brushwood Chipper on site:

Climbing – £30.00
Groundwork – £20.00
With Brushwood Chipper on site:
Climbing – £40.00
Groundwork – £30.00
Alternatively, if you already have a huge pile of branches to dispose of, why not use our dedicated Brushwood Chipping Service?
Please note that disposal of arisings will be charged extra.